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Magento Ecommerce,
POS & ERP Integrations

Simplify multi-channel sales. Easily build and manage sales channels such as, web stores, mobile stores, eBay, Amazon and other online storefronts. Our Magento Integration saves time by instantly uploading product and business data to your online stores and channels and automatically downloading orders to your Magento, point of sale (POS), ERP or back-office system.

Magento Integration Features:

  • Manage product, sales and business data for multiple online stores and channels from your Magento, POS or ERP system
  • Instantly upload product listings to your online stores and channels. Automatically upload product descriptions and manage product data from your Magento, POS or ERP system. The Magento Integration automatically uploads configurable products and variants (e.g. colors and sizes) to each of your online stores and channels
  • Automatically re-size and upload product images to multiple online stores and sales channels
  • Prices are automatically uploaded to all your online stores and channels and managed from your Magento, POS or ERP system
  • Automatically download online orders to your Magento, POS or ERP system for processing and fulfillment
  • Customer accounts are automatically added to your business applications using order details from your online stores and channels
  • Avoid overselling. The integration automatically updates inventory levels for multiple online stores and channels
  • Increase Sales. Easily build and manage sales channels such as, B2B & B2C online stores, mobile stores, eBay, Amazon, wholesale stores and more. By selling across multiple channels you can increase sales with improved product availability
  • Save time and money. Since data is shared and updated automatically there’s no need to manually enter and update your data in Magento and multiple online stores and systems

Magento Ecommerce Features:

  • Magento includes all the features and support you'd expect to find in professional ecommerce platforms. Examples include, customizable templates, product search features, customer reviews, order management, account management, reporting and analytics, SEO friendly product catalog, price management and more.
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  • Payment gateways. Magento supports most major payment gateways including PayPal and Google checkout
  • Full portability. You own the shopping cart and it’s source code with the ability to upgrade or change hosting plans at any time.
    (Not available in Magento Go. Semi-dedicated or dedicated servers are recommended for Magento CE and Enterprise)
  • Flexible options. Magento's open source software allows you to customize the design and features of your Magento powered store. (We only recommend front-end customizations to Magento)

Magento Upgrades:

  • 3rd party features. Supercharge your Magento store with hundreds of software plug-ins, add-ons and modules. Examples include, custom search features, banner slideshows, drop-shipping and more.
    (We recommend testing all Magento 3rd party features on a development domain before installation on your live website)
  • Ecommerce services. Need help setting up your online stores? With over 10 years’ experience we can help build and configure your online stores to fit your needs

Magento Integrations:

  • Online Stores: B2B & B2C, Web Stores, Wholesale Stores, Mobile Commerce, Facebook Commerce
  • Marketplaces: eBay (Coming soon:
  • POS Systems: Microsoft Dynamics RMS, Smyth Retail Merchant Plus! (Coming soon: Revel Systems)
  • ERP Systems: Sage ERP X3, Sage 100 ERP
  • Add Integrations. If a system is not listed above you can integrate with new systems using web services or APIs. Web services allow you to share data with new online stores and applications and can be created to meet your business' needs.

Magento Ecommerce Integration (How it Works). eBay, Amazon, X-Cart, Sage ERP X3, Sage 100 ERP, Microsoft Dynamics RMS, Smyth Retail.

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