Multi-Location Inventory

Better serve customers by creating a single view of inventory across your online and physical store locations.

Revel POS, LightSpeed POS, Clover POS, Vend POS Multi-Location Inventory Sync

Revel POS + WooCommerce Multi-Location Inventory

LightSpeed POS + WooCommerce Multi-Location Inventory

Clover POS + WooCommerce Multi-Location Inventory

Revel POS + Shopify Multi-Location Inventory

LightSpeed POS + Shopify Multi-Location Inventory

Clover POS + Shopify Multi-Location Inventory

Centralized inventory

Track inventory across store locations. As items are sold and received, stock is automatically updated in your online and physical stores to help you better serve customers no matter how-and-where they shop.

Lookup nearby inventory

Let customers see what items are available at nearby stores. Improve sales by giving customers the choice to pick-up items at a nearby store or have items shipped to their home.

Multi-stock support

Display stock levels from multiple physical stores and warehouses in a single online store. Customers and staff can view stock available at each physical location, and total stock at all locations.*

*Available for Revel, Clover, Loyverse, Lightspeed, Shopify and WooCommerce.

In-store pick-up

Let customers buy online and pick-up items at a nearby store. Instead of waiting for items to ship, customers can simply pick-up items at the store location they choose.

Transfer orders

Automatically send order details from your online stores, eBay and Amazon accounts to the physical stores and warehouses you would like to fulfill orders from. Stock levels can be set to automatically update for each item when orders are created or fulfilled.

Connect your physical stores,
online stores & warehouses

Connect one-or-more physical stores and warehouses to as many online stores, eBay and Amazon accounts as you need, and connect all your channels using a single eSync account.

View exact inventory per location for each SKU
Online admin panel
Lookup nearby inventory
Choose In-Store Pickup
Buy online. Pick-up in-store

Bob's Red Mill

“The time savings and accuracy of the integration is substantial. We import around 100 orders per day automatically, easing tension in the customer service department as all orders are now processed correctly the first time.”

—Bryan Emerson, Bob’s Red Mill

Phil-Am Food

“Working with Kosmos has been great. Our stores’ inventory levels now update automatically so there is a lower chance that an item is out of stock. This is important since the supermarket and web store share the same inventory.”

—Erwin Santos, Phil-Am Food

Portland Children’s Museum

“Prior to the integration we had several staff managing data. Following implementation we were able to sell out three months of camps and classes in two weeks with nominal staff resources. We look forward to optimizing the software’s potential to support future growth.”

—Christine Hinrichs, Portland Children’s Museum

McCoy Motorsports

“Kosmos integrated the data from our web store with our in-house software system and they truly hit a home run. When our store gets 100s of orders a day it is critical to receive top-level support for our software. We are extremely satisfied and give Kosmos a 5-star rating.”

—Shane McCoy, McCoy Motorsports

53 Degrees North

“The integration allowed us to seamlessly sell our entire retail inventory on our web store, giving us full control over each individual item and allowing us to display our product data any way we want.”

—Rossa Butler, 53 Degrees North