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  • Automatically list products from Square point of sale (POS) on many of the leading ecommerce platforms.
  • Automatically sync inventory levels between Square point of sale (POS) and your ecommerce platforms.
  • Manage product lists, prices, inventory, and item descriptions from your online stores in Square point of sale (POS).


  • Sell more products in more places. Automatically list products in your online stores and platforms.
  • Quantities are updated automatically in your online and brick-and-mortar stores to prevent overselling and stock outs.
  • Eliminate double data entry. Save time by managing data from your online and brick-and-mortar stores in one place.

Kosmos eSync

Let our integration software connect Square point of sale (POS) to improve sales and reduce data entry costs.

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About Square POS

About Square POS

Payments, Receipts, Inventory, Reports, and more–Square makes it easy. From retail to restaurants, Square’s point of sale (POS) system serves every kind of business.

About eSync

About eSync

Kosmos eSync automatically connects your point of sale (POS), ERP and ecommerce applications to help you manage your online and brick-and-mortar stores as one.

Bob's Red Mill

“The time savings and accuracy of the integration is substantial. We import around 100 orders per day automatically, easing tension in the customer service department as all orders are now processed correctly the first time.”

—Bryan Emerson, Bob’s Red Mill

Phil-Am Food

“Working with Kosmos has been great. Our stores’ inventory levels now update automatically so there is a lower chance that an item is out of stock. This is important since the supermarket and web store share the same inventory.”

—Erwin Santos, Phil-Am Food

Portland Children’s Museum

“Prior to the integration we had several staff managing data. Following implementation we were able to sell out three months of camps and classes in two weeks with nominal staff resources. We look forward to optimizing the software’s potential to support future growth.”

—Christine Hinrichs, Portland Children’s Museum

McCoy Motorsports

“Kosmos integrated the data from our web store with our in-house software system and they truly hit a home run. When our store gets 100s of orders a day it is critical to receive top-level support for our software. We are extremely satisfied and give Kosmos a 5-star rating.”

—Shane McCoy, McCoy Motorsports

53 Degrees North

“The integration allowed us to seamlessly sell our entire retail inventory on our web store, giving us full control over each individual item and allowing us to display our product data any way we want.”

—Rossa Butler, 53 Degrees North