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Kosmos eSync is the fastest (iPaaS) Integration Platform as a Service (for ecommerce, point of sale, ERP, and inventory management applications) based on setup time to value, reducing the cost to handle complex data use cases with no development required. eSync provides a single self-service platform that seamlessly connects today’s cloud applications in minutes. Simply enter your user name and password, click our partner logos, and you can connect applications with eSync.

One Platform To Connect All Your Stores And Warehouses

Kosmos eSync significantly reduces development costs, support and maintenance with one connected platform. The eSync Dashboard offers 100s of pre-built integrations (also known as Actions) connecting dozens of partner applications. eSync supports on-demand and scheduled synchronization of data with event-based synchronization coming soon.

Self-Service Integration Platform

Kosmos eSync empowers retailers, developers, and IT staff through a simple browser-based Dashboard and Help Center providing immediate answers to integration questions. The eSync Dashboard allows any business user or developer to easily set up complex integrations with little or no technical experience. Our mantra is “Click and connect in minutes – It’s easy with eSync.”

Modern, Flexible Deployment For Any Size of Business

The eSync Integration Platform has been purpose-built for the growing cloud. This means there are no legacy components or legacy connectors. We manage all the connectors and platforms online in the cloud so you can focus on your growing retail and enterprise operations.

Data Security

The Kosmos eSync Platform syncs data directly between systems and does not store your data in a database.  The eSync platform, formats and packages your data to the specifications of the destination system, which unpacks and processes the request.  Just turn your syncs on to run every 5 minutes, without needing to log into our eSync dashboard to manage data.  The truth-of-source for data management is your primary system, the POS/ERP.

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