Microsoft Dynamics RMS Ecommerce Integrations

Ecommerce Integrations
for Microsoft Dynamics RMS

Automatically enter product lists, inventory levels and prices from your retail management system (RMS) into your online stores, eBay and Amazon accounts, and automatically transfer sales and customer data from your online stores to Microsoft Dynamics RMS.

Kosmos eSync – Microsoft Dynamics RMS Ecommerce Integrations:

Kosmos eSync - RMS Ecommerce Integration Diagram

Kosmos eSync automatically synchronizes data between your online stores, eBay, Amazon accounts and Microsoft Dynamics RMS, and lets you control how data is transferred and updated to meet your specific business needs for each online store and application.

How it works: eSync automatically moves product lists, inventory levels, prices, sales and customer data between Microsoft Dynamics RMS, eBay, Amazon and your online stores using web services or APIs. Choose a application below for details.

Microsoft Dynamics RMS Integrations:

Supported Applications:

POS Systems:
Microsoft Dynamics RMS 2.0
Microsoft Dynamics RMS HQ


Ecommerce Shopping Carts:
X-Cart Classic

If a system is not listed above you can use eSync to connect to new applications using web services or APIs.

Web services and APIs allow eSync to automate tasks and move data to new online stores and applications, and can be created by our team to meet your needs now and as you grow.