Ecommerce Marketing Campaigns

Marketing Campaigns

Pay Per Click Campaigns

Sponsored link or pay per click (PPC) campaigns allow you to list your website at the top of search engine results by advertising keywords that best describe your products and services. Organic search placement can take months to produce the desired traffic and results. Pay per click campaigns allow for immediate traffic on major search engines such as Google, MSN and Yahoo. More on pay per click campaigns.

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Affiliate Marketing

Boost search rankings with affiliate marketing. Search engines rank listings based on quality links within your industry. Affiliate marketing creates direct traffic to your website with the reciprocal support of larger networks or industry-related websites. This raises industry awareness of your business and improves search engine rankings.

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Email Newsletters

Connect with new and existing customers. Email newsletters help businesses build relationships and stay in touch with customers that are most responsive to your marketing efforts. In addition, email management software allows you to send personalized messages based on customer profiles and immediately track the results.

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Content Development

Our marketing and design teams are experts in content development, creating a variety of materials ranging from onsite marketing to blog posts, press releases and social media campaigns. We’re passionate about producing unique experiences that pave the way for marketable solutions to your business objectives.

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Banners & Online Advertising

Online advertising campaigns place banners on industry related websites that link back to your site. Due to the predominantly visual nature and strong roots in print applications such as newspapers, banner ads are one of the most recognized forms of advertising on the Web today.

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