Shopify Multi-Location Inventory

Shopify Adds Support for Multi-Location Inventory

Shopify is about to launch support for multi-location inventory and order fulfillment across multiple stores. This release will allow multi-brick and mortar stores to track & manage their inventory across multiple locations online. If you’re a Shopify developer or beta customer, then you can request access to the new Multi-Location features now.

What does this mean? Now customers can view inventory online and locate the nearest store for in-store pickup. The retailer will also be able to prioritize their orders by the store location in Shopify for order fulfillment. Shopify will also split orders if locations do not have stock.

We’re very excited here at Kosmos about this release! See our video demonstration integrating multiple partner point of sale systems for Revel iPad POS, LightSpeed Retail POS and Clover POS.

Click Image to Watch Shopify Multi Location Inventory by Kosmos eSync

Other systems we integrate with Shopify include, Vend HQ POS, Clover POS, Square POS, Acumatica ERP, and more.

This initial release will have some limitations though. The front end will have to be customized by a developer to allow customers to shop by a specific location. Buy Online and pickup in-store may also require a 3rd party app, like Zapiet or ShipperHQ.

Note: Shopify standard users can have up to eight locations, where Shopify plus users can have a larger quantity.