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Amazon eBay Point of Sale Integrations

Automated tools for
Amazon, eBay and point of sale

Reach customers in the world’s largest marketplaces. Connect applications in minutes to create new listings and sync inventory and orders across all your sales channels.

Channel management for Amazon and eBay by BigCommerce
Award winning channel management for
Amazon and eBay.
Sync inventory, prices and orders with point of sale by Kosmos eSync
Kosmos eSync
List items from point of sale. Sync
inventory, pricing and orders.
  • Sell more items in more places Automatically list items from point of sale in Amazon and eBay. Update item details and prices in point of sale and product listings are automatically updated in Amazon and eBay.
  • Manage availability on each channel List items in bulk on Amazon and eBay or control which items are available on each channel. Enrich items with additional information to optimize product listings for Amazon and eBay.
  • Automate inventory workflows Sync inventory to prevent double selling, save time and reduce stock outs. As items are sold and received inventory levels are automatically updated in Amazon, eBay and point of sale.
  • Automate fulfillment processes Sync orders to save time, lower costs and reduce errors. Order details from Amazon and eBay are automatically entered in point of sale to support high-volume sales and help you accurately fulfill online orders.
  • Transfer orders to point of sale Automatically transfer order details from Amazon and eBay to the store locations or warehouses you choose. Create orders from Amazon and eBay in point of sale to give you a single view of sales activity across all channels.


“I am convinced more than ever that eSync + BigCommerce is
the definitive solution for businesses with brick and mortar stores
and online marketplaces.”

Henry Mullen, Owner

Best in class integrations

Integrate Amazon.com and eBay.com with leading point of sale systems like Revel Systems and Lightspeed Retail.

Additional systems can be integrated with cloud APIs.

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