Online Security

Kosmos Central is proud to implement software from McAfee, the leading security technology company

Automated network security audits combined with an extensive vulnerability management portal.

To date, McAfee has conducted more than 20 million scans for our customers. Over 80,000 websites rely on McAfee’s daily vulnerability assessments for protection from hackers and third-party certification of their security. McAfee’s advanced vulnerability discovery and management technology provides a highly effective security solution with ROI proven in more than 1,000 published studies.

Vulnerability Knowledge Base

McAfee’s up-to-date vulnerability knowledge base powers our comprehensive network security audits and vulnerability management technology. McAfee updates the knowledge base every 15 minutes with tests for newly discovered vulnerabilities and validated fixes from hundreds of sources worldwide. These continuous updates, combined with between-scan proactive alerts, ensure our customers are always alerted of the latest vulnerabilities affecting their network.

Data Security

McAfee is the only security scan vendor to be third-party certified to the CISP/AIS Level 1 security standard by Visa International.

The entire portal infrastructure, and all customer data, is maintained within redundant, highly secure Tier One data centers with SAS-70 security certification, 24/7 on-site guards and biometric access control. The portal resides behind high-availability firewalls and intrusion monitoring systems. In addition, each server runs a localized firewall and IDS/IPS on top of a uniquely customized, hardened Linux distribution OS.

Secure access to each user account can be easily configured with options for IP address restriction, private key authentication, and two factor single-use password authentication.