New ecommerce features, X-Cart 4.5

Features to Look Forward to
in X-Cart 4.5

X-Cart has just released a beta version of their latest ecommerce software 4.5.0. We recommend waiting until 4.5.1 has been released if you want to use this for your live store (4.5.1 is expected to be released in the next couple months). In the meantime, here are three new features to get excited about.

1) Two new built-in ecommerce templates

See them below in all their glory.

X-Cart 4.5.0 ecommerce template, Books & Magazines

X-Cart 4.5.0 ecommerce template, Ideal Comfort

2) PCI Compliance made easy with X-Payments

As a business, you want to make sure payment data is kept safe for every transaction. PCI (Payment card industry) compliance is crucial for protecting your customers payment information.

X-Payments was designed to help merchants maintain PCI compliance for online payments. The application makes PCI compliance easier to implement, saving businesses time and money. Plus, X-Payments is separate from X-Cart, which means X-Cart can be upgraded and customized without affecting your X-Payments PCI compliance.

3) Socialize Module Update-Pinterest now available

The Socialize Module is FREE and boosts your store’s performance by adding social networking buttons to your X-Cart store. This provides: increased traffic, easy sharing, better rankings and extended reach. Did we mention it’s free? That’s more than a deal; it’s a steal! Plus, the Socialize Module has recently added Pinterest buttons, and with more users than Google+, LinkedIn and YouTube combined, it’s a great resource for driving customers to your online store.

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