Komsos eSync Dashboard Connector

Integrate Revel Systems and WooCommerce

Komsos eSync Dashboard Connector allows you to access the Kosmos eSync Dashboard from within the WordPress Dashboard via a handy-dandy link in the top menu bar.
Existing eSync users can easily access their WooCommerce and Revel settings, edit, and review their existing configurations.

WooCommerce and Revel Connector
Kosmos eSync currently only integrates the Revel POS system with the WooCommerce plugin.
Future integrations are in the pipeline!

Major features in the Kosmos eSync Dashboard Connector incldue:

  • Requires the WooCommerce plugin be installed
  • Quick Link to the Kosmos eSync Dashboard in the WordPress dashboard top menu
  • Quick Link to the Kosmoscentral Video Tutorial playlist
  • Access to the Kosmos eSync knowledgebase
  • Access to KosmosCentral support

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Kosmos eSync?
An integration platform to streamline order processing and inventory for eCommerce businesses with brick and mortar shops.
What is a POS?
POS stands for Point of Sale. It is in reference to software used by businesses that sell products from physical stores.
Which POS can I connect to with my WooCommerce store?
Right now eSync can connect your WooCommerce store with Revel Systems.

How do I make an eSync account?
Visit us at Kosmoscentral.com to register an account. Or use the eSync Free Trial link at the top of this page.
I need help configuring my settings
For help, feel free to contact us at kosmosesync@kosmoscentral.com