Kosmos eSync Desktop Edition

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Pricing is based on features and the applications you connect.
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How does it work?

eSync desktop applications (Web Integrator and Image Utility) use operations to sync data between your POS/ERP system and your ecommerce platforms. For example, you might use one operation to move product data from your POS/ERP system to your ecommerce platforms, and a second operation to move order and customer data from your ecommerce platforms to your POS/ERP system.

Operations can be scheduled to automatically move data without any additional effort on your part.

What operations do you support?

We currently support the following operations:
– Send products, prices and inventory from POS/ERP to ecommerce
– Send product images from POS/ERP to ecommerce
– Send matrix items from POS/ERP to ecommerce
– Send order and customer data from ecommerce to POS/ERP

Can I move data between multiple stores?

Yes. To move data between multiple stores or ecommerce platforms, simply contact us to upgrade your plan.

What are connections?

Connections are the applications eSync moves data between.
For example, RMS 2.0, Magento and eBay would be 3 connections.

Do I need to sign a contract?

No. Kosmos eSync is a pay-as-you-go service. Choose from our monthly payment plans, or get a discount when you choose to pay yearly.

Do I need to know how to code to use eSync?

No. eSync makes it easy for anyone to move data between applications. We may ask you to find information for certain applications, but we’ll walk you through any steps and our team is always here to help.

How do I get support?

Call 1-888-256-7667 or contact us by visiting our support site. Our support team is available by phone or email to answer questions and assist with technical needs, and our support site includes online articles and helpful tips on how to use the software.

More questions?

Call 1-888-256-7767 or contact us here.