Tools for ecommerce maintenance in X-Cart

Tools for X-Cart Maintenance

Tips to keep your site running smoothly.
Like your car, your X-Cart website needs maintenance to continue running smoothly. The tools below can save you valuable time.

1) Force Cache Generation
Think of cache as short-term memory. Cache reduces server load and speeds-up page display times by storing data that’s regularly viewed in a file or quick table for repeat access.
This tool resets the cache for products and database entries.

The Force Cache Generation tool can be found under:

Most useful: When store administrators modify databases or files manually or after updates that affect multiple products.

May fix: Problems with prices, product images, special offers and sales, modules, products not appearing in search results and displaying incorrect data or old products.

Note: Force Cache Generation may cause websites to run slower until the cache has been rebuilt. This can result in a loss of session data such as, cart contents and login status. When possible, it’s best to use this tool during times of low traffic.

2) Cache Cleanup Page
One of the most useful tools for X-Cart Maintenance is the cache cleanup page. This page resets the cache for your templates and language variables.

The Cache Cleanup Page can be found by visiting:*

May Fix: Language variables appearing incorrectly, JavaScript or style sheets being loaded incorrectly, products appearing that should not, products not appearing that should.

*Replace with the URL of your X-Cart website.

3) Optimize Tables
Remember the junk drawer at home that never gets cleaned out? Think of X-Cart’s cached tables as your junk drawer. The Optimize Tables tool checks and re-indexes your tables so they don’t contain redundant or incorrect data. This helps improve overall performance by cleaning your junk drawer (we mean cached tables). If you notice a slow shopping cart, you may want to use this tool.

The Optimize Tables tool can be found under:

Most useful: After any update, insert or delete activity, which can cause your indexes to become less organized.

May fix: Slow-loading pages, pages not loading properly, pages not appearing that should, pages appearing that should not.