X-Cart System Requirements

X-Cart Ecommerce
System Requirements


The Web server must support PHP 4.1.0 or better. PHP 5 is also supported.

Make sure the configuration file php.ini meets the following requirements:

  • safe_mode must be disabled
  • file_uploads must be enabled
  • allow_url_fopen must be enabled
  • magic_quotes_sybase must be disabled
  • sql.safe_mode must be disabled
  • PCRE extension must be enabled
  • ini_set function must not be disabled
  • memory_limit >= 16M


The Web server must also support MySQL databases. X-Cart is compatible with MySQL versions 3.23 to 5.x.

You will need to have access to a MySQL database, so make sure you have the following information:

  • MySQL server name
  • Database name
  • Username and password for MySQL access

Hosting space:

A fresh installation of X-Cart 4.2.2 requires a minimum 30 megabytes of disk space. In addition, some disk space is required for X-Cart's cache data, image files (if you store them in the file system) and files that may be added in connection with X-Cart customizations. The database space used by X-Cart depends on the number of products, customers and orders. Database space requirements can vary from as little as 5 megabytes for small shops, to over 500 megabytes for large stores.

Advanced requirements and
recommended settings

Certain parts of X-Cart's functionality rely on using external files. Your Web server must allow external executable files (Like Perl) and allow for outgoing connections to the Internet (Required for online payments). Loopback connections must also be allowed by the server firewall (Required for HTML catalog feature).

The following components may be required:

  • An HTTPS module (Like Net::SSLeay perl module, CURL executable, OpenSSL executable or libCURL PHP extension) is required for some online credit card processing modules and for shipping modules.
  • xml/Expat extension for PHP is required for Intershipper, UPS or USPS shipping modules.
  • GDLib 2.0 or higher is required for
    X-Magnifier add-on
    Automatic generation of product thumbnails from product images
    Image Verification module
    Cache generation in the 'Detailed Product Images module
    In addition, GDLib must be compiled with libjpeg and libpng (Also ensure that PHP is configured with the options --with-jpeg-dir=<DIR_libjpeg> and --with-png-dir=<DIR_libpng>, where <DIR_libjpeg> is the directory where libjpeg is installed, <DIR_libpng> is the directory where libpng is installed).
  • PHP function "mail()" is required for sending emails from your store (email notifications, news messages, etc).
  • An external mail program, such as qmail or postfix (available on Unix systems only) may be required instead of PHP function "mail()".
  • SMTP server is required for sending emails from your store using SMTP Authentication instead of PHP function "mail()".

Note: Make sure the functions "exec", "popen", "pclose" and "ini_set" are not included in the disabled functions list in php.ini

  • PHP function "exec()" must be allowed for the correct functioning of most of the CC payment processing modules used with X-Cart (CyberCash, CyberPac (LaCaixa), PayFlow Pro, PayBox, CyberSource, PaySystems Client and VaultX), HTTPS modules (Net::SSLeay, CURL, OpenSSL and https_cli), GnuPG/PGP and X-Cart's Patch/Upgrade functionality.
  • PHP functions "popen()" & "pclose()" must be allowed for the correct functioning of some HTTPS modules (CURL and Net::SSLeay), payment modules (Saferpay, CyberSource and iDeb) and shipping modules (DHL/Airborne, Canada Post, UPS Online Tools, Intershipper and AntiFraud module).
  • PHP function "ini_set()" is used for the session mechanism and enhances security.

Restrictions and dependencies:

  • 'HSBC Secure E-Payment Service' payment gateway works with Windows and Linux operating systems only.

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