SEO and Web Site Promotion, 3 of 3

Search Engine Optimization and Web Site Promotion - 3 of 3

by Alex Skorohodov

Search engine optimization and web site promotion is the complete process of marketing a website on search engines. This includes website submission, website optimization, and link popularity campaigns. Search engine optimization and web site promotion focuses on search engines and their algorithms, which are consistently changing. Promoting & optimizing a website is not a simple task just about properly submitting your site. Promoting and optimizing your site is about the overall task of improving interaction between your website and search engines to make it easier for prospective clients to find you.

First Step: Get your site indexed with the engines and listed in the directories.

The very first step in optimizing your website is to get your site indexed by the major spider-based search engines. Getting indexed means a search engine has a record of your site, knows where to find it and lists your site within their engine. Then, the spider-based search engines can scan or crawl your website and establish your rankings. You will also have to visit the various directories and follow their procedures for web site placement.

Two ways of getting indexed by the major search engines:

1. Submitting your website to the search engines directly.
2. Or, let the search engines find your website naturally.

Submitting a website to the search engines is considered to be primitive technology. Be very careful about enlisting with a submission service. They will brag about the thousands of search engines they will submit your website to, but most of these so called search engines are nothing more than "Free for All" "(FFA) or "Link Farms." Most legitimate optimization companies agree that these types of services will actually hurt your rankings. In some cases, has banned website's that associate with these FFA or Link Farm sites.

Ideally a search engine should find your website naturally, which is as simple as having a link on someone else's website that points to your website. The other site then must make sure that your link on their site is indexed and submitted properly with the new information. Thus when the search engine spiders that site, it follows the link to your website and indexes your site. This natural process could take weeks to months to follow through to fruition. If you don't have the time to wait, submitting directly is the only other option and usually takes anywhere from three to six weeks depending on the search engines criteria. Some engines including Google will drop your site within a few months if you fail to establish any cross linking.

Second Step: Start a Promotion Campaign

A top ranking for any website will basically boil down to a couple of items.

1) A strong page optimization and keyword choice.
2) A strong high quality link popularity campaign.

The amount of page optimization and link popularity is largely dependant on each keyword choice and the website's that are currently occupying top positions using those keywords. In order to quantify the amount of page and link optimization required to support a top position, each keyword and the respective competitiveness of the other top sites need to be evaluated.

A Search Engine Optimization (SEO) campaign is based on:

1. The quantity of keywords that best represent the theme of your site.
2. The popularity of the keyword terms.
3. The number of inbound links that may be necessary to compete with those website's currently occupying those top positions.
4. Implementing restrictions on website construction and possibly a website marketing department focusing on managing your promotional needs.

For a free site analysis, please contact us for more information regarding your specific SEO campaign needs.


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