Mistakes of Search Engine Marketing

Mistakes of Search Engine Marketing

By Alex Skorohodov

Is SEO No Longer Effective?

Search engine optimization has become more challenging over the years and there are many critics out there who have declared that it no longer works. There are thousands of small sites populating those top search indexes! So, don't buy into the idea that SEO is no longer effective; if you do your site will never realize the potential of being highly indexed by any search engine.

Bulk Submitting Will Get You Thousands of Visitors

We all dream of having the perfect site or product that will make us millionaires. Thus all we have to do is acquire a domain name and then submit our site to thousands of sites and you're an overnight success! I'm sure you've seen the advertisements, such as "Submit to 4000 websites for only $99." The reality of this is these sites are set up just to collect email addresses from people like you! You'll then experience all kinds of junk email flooding your mail box and all from one simple submission.

In reality there are only a dozen or so real search engines and Google, AOL & Yahoo account for about 90% of that traffic. Those bulk submission services will generally do very little to nothing in optimizing your rankings. Your site will just be buried at the bottom of their results with millions of other web sites. Optimizing your site properly and submitting to the top search engines will generate all the riches and glory your looking for.

Focusing on Meta Tags only

You may read tutorials on how to create the perfect Meta tags so the search engines can find your web site. What their not telling you are that most search engine algorithms give very little weight to meta tags if they even rank them at all.

Some consultants will tell you to include your keywords in your title and meta tags and follow up with a website that has quality content for your readers. Then the search engines will just automatically find your site and rank it in the top spots. Title tags and content are very important, but don't make the mistake of believing that this is all that needs to be completed to be found on the web today.

Please see my article on The Basics of Meta Tags for more information on this subject.

Doorway Pages Will Get Me Banned

Search Engines have flooded the internet with negative publicity regarding Doorway pages. You may even hear them called spotlight pages, gateways, informational pages, portals, entry's, gate's etc. The simple fact is that every page on your site serves as a doorway page to your site. Many web users are under the wrong impression that doorway pages will allow visitors to the home page of their site every time. This is not true, visit any search engine and do a search of any topic and you'll see that you're arriving at various levels of these websites, which could be 10 to 20 pages deep from their home page.

Some search engines penalize sites that use "doorway pages" by banning them from the search engine entirely. These search engines will often include FAQ's and tutorials on other methods of creating highly ranking pages. However, these tutorials are generally too broad to really be of great use, but they do point out that search engines do not object to optimizing your pages. Regardless of what the term you use to call your optimized pages, do not be duped into thinking that optimizing or fine tuning your pages will not achieve a high ranking.

Submitting Pages before Establishing any External Links

Google has indicated their value of link popularity, and have already announed that site that does not have at least one external link pointing to it will not be indexed. Other search engines will drop pages entirely after a few weeks if they find that there are no domains linking to a site.

Links from major directory\ies may sometimes suffice, such as through Yahoo, Open Directory or LookSmart. However, it is still advantageous to trade links with other complementary web sites, and to submit the url's of sites and pages that are linking to yours. See Reciprocal Link Popularity for more information.Submitting these pages and letting the search engine spiders find your site will give your site higher rankings than if you submitted your pages directly. This obviously will take longer to index since you have to wait for the engines to index your page.

If time is of the essence, another solution is to buy a second domain, place unique and relevant content on those pages, and link the two sites. It is best if these these two domains are hosted at different hosting companies, as this would give the imprssion of independent linking sites. This way, each hosting company will provide a separate ip address and be part of a separate subnet. Varying spelling information on your registrant used to purchase these domains is another method of further providing the illusion of separate ownership to the search engine spiders.

Can't Wait Need Results Now

If results/traffic to your site are required soon, you can look into the services of pay engines such as FindWhat or Sponsored Links from Google. Many major search engines are tapping into the top results of pay engines, and displaying those reults on their search pages. Using paid keywords is an effective method of quick search engine exposure.


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